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September 1, 2020 Long Overdue Progress Report

To rule out all suspicion of idling my time away, here's a summary of what's been done since my last e-mail update on April 3rd. If you want to continue to receive update info, please sign up as a member with your e-mail address there, and you will automatically get blog notices. I promise I won't go crazy. Check out some of the other pages for additional documents. Let me know if there's something specific you'd like me to focus on for future blogs....

Track Work

  • April 9: all main track is installed; “Golden Tie” ceremony would happen if anyone could visit

  • Lower level staging loops and junctions are complete

  • All yard, engine facility, and passenger station tracks and turnouts are repaired

  • All industrial tracks are repaired and regraded for level

  • Kink removal and “debugging” ongoing with long equipment and 6-axle locomotives

  • Cleaning with dragger and CMX solvent pad cleaning car is ongoing


  • All main track circuits are wired to BDL-16 detectors and PM42 power managers

  • All turnout control/indication interfaces (enough for 48 switches) configured and installed

  • All 51 controlled turnouts have Tortoise machines installed and interfaced to Loconet

  • Lower level staging loop wiring to and configuration of BXPA1 reverse units is complete

  • Zephyr installed as yard booster power district/throttle

  • DB150 installed as upper level booster and back-up command station

  • JMRI computer control panel is fully configured and functional with big-screen display capability

  • Upper and lower level industrial tracks on independent power districts

  • All rail joints have been “bonded” to assure electrical conductivity

  • Additional 110 VAC receptacle installed on peninsula for radio wall-warts

  • Engine facility wired for independent track power control to a miniature panel on fascia

  • Record-keeping and drawings are current; master block diagram still a work-in-progress


  • All upper level lighting valence and warm-white LED strips installed with 2-150 Watt magnetic dimmable transformers

  • Dimmer control of layout lighting


  • NJT Comet Cab car equipped with decoder-controlled headlight and markers

  • NJT Comet coaches equipped with 10K resistors for detection


  • Fascia installation is 2/3 complete

  • Trains are successfully running throughout the layout!

  • Local zone maps are updated

  • Web ste launched!


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