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September 1, 2020 Long Overdue Progress Report

To rule out all suspicion of idling my time away, here's a summary of what's been done since my last e-mail update on April 3rd. If you want to continue to receive update info, please sign up as a member with your e-mail address there, and you will automatically get blog notices. I promise I won't go crazy. Check out some of the other pages for additional documents. Let me know if there's something specific you'd like me to focus on for future blogs....

Track Work

  • April 9: all main track is installed; “Golden Tie” ceremony would happen if anyone could visit

  • Lower level staging loops and junctions are complete

  • All yard, engine facility, and passenger station tracks and turnouts are repaired

  • All industrial tracks are repaired and regraded for level

  • Kink removal and “debugging” ongoing with long equipment and 6-axle locomotives

  • Cleaning with dragger and CMX solvent pad cleaning car is ongoing


  • All main track circuits are wired to BDL-16 detectors and PM42 power managers

  • All turnout control/indication interfaces (enough for 48 switches) configured and installed

  • All 51 controlled turnouts have Tortoise machines installed and interfaced to Loconet

  • Lower level staging loop wiring to and configuration of BXPA1 reverse units is complete

  • Zephyr installed as yard booster power district/throttle

  • DB150 installed as upper level booster and back-up command station

  • JMRI computer control panel is fully configured and functional with big-screen display capability

  • Upper and lower level industrial tracks on independent power districts

  • All rail joints have been “bonded” to assure electrical conductivity

  • Additional 110 VAC receptacle installed on peninsula for radio wall-warts

  • Engine facility wired for independent track power control to a miniature panel on fascia

  • Record-keeping and drawings are current; master block diagram still a work-in-progress


  • All upper level lighting valence and warm-white LED strips installed with 2-150 Watt magnetic dimmable transformers

  • Dimmer control of layout lighting


  • NJT Comet Cab car equipped with decoder-controlled headlight and markers

  • NJT Comet coaches equipped with 10K resistors for detection


  • Fascia installation is 2/3 complete

  • Trains are successfully running throughout the layout!

  • Local zone maps are updated

  • Web ste launched!


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You've added a lot more since I looked at it Sunday evening. I wonder what happened to the comment I left then? Looks like you made some changes and maybe that is where it went to.


John. You've been making a lot of progress and it looks good. I'm here, paintbrush at the ready!


John the website looks great! Well done. Nice to see all the progress on the railroad too! Looking forward to getting back to work sessions and to operating.

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