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Well, the day is finally set. Next week will celebrate "completion" of enough work to try out Operations. This marks 4 years and 1 month since the last time the Railroad operated. There is a crew of experienced operators that will give our first rebuilt session a whirl. We'll no doubt find all the "bugs" and schedule conflicts, but that's the next required step to resume regular sessions. I am thankful for all the help to get to this point, and only wish that all those helpers invited were able to attend!

To help get us started, there are a couple of new documents posted under "OPERATIONS" to help the crew get familiar with how things are supposed to work here. Although mostly familiar, there are probably some quirks that need to be seen beforehand instead of being slammed on "day-of".

I hope to be able to share some more photos of progress, the celebration, and the session soon after the event.

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