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Realigned track splice in Quail Ridge tunnel since it was "daylighted" for the new liner to be installed; this fixes an ugly kink that was derailing trains consistently. It had previously been nearly inaccessible. Also fixed switch 120 on dispatcher's panel that had inadvertantly been drawn in the wrong configuration for the final track alignment when it will be part of a crossover. Since the last entry, database development for car/waybill card assignment is complete. Industry track reassignments have been done. Card boxes have been painted, lettered, and installed with "super velcro" attachment to fascia. Damaged car cards were reprinted. Op plan 21-3 has been produced, adding transfer runs to the schedule. New train waybills and cards have been printed. New location maps have been printed, laminated, and tacked to the fascia. Surgery recovery is continuing, preventing "hard" work on the layout--need to get new industry tracks temporarily installed for Ops.

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